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Conveyor belt Z (O,M),A,B,C,D,E,SPZ,SPA,SPB,SPC,etc.
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1) With special frames, our v-belts are resistant to heat,oil,fatigue,
aging and friction.
2) Features: large power, high speeds, long usage lives, small
distortion,small sizes..
3) Applications: electric motors, internal combustion engines,
power transmission equipment.
4) We can provide these products in various sizes, and welcome buyer's specifications.

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International standard packaging, or in accordance with clients' requests
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International standard packaging, or in accordance with clients' requests

Now we introduce belt as follows:

V-belt specialty with a core structure, rope core structure of the two, respectively, by wrapping cloth, top rubber, tensile body and the end of plastic is composed of four parts. The the rope core structure of the V-belt manufacturing convenient, general tensile strength, low prices, good toughness widely used special with a core structure of the V-belt, high strength, suitable for high speed occasions.

V-belt classification

The ordinary with core V-belt
Most of the V-belt with the core of the ordinary with core wire rope core, a small part of the carcass band core. Both with core structure are the fiber twisting or preparation, clip each fiber in the V-belt operation with core gradually elongation at break. Therefore, the use of ordinary V-belt line rope core and ply with core production can only be used in low-load transmission.

The special with core V-belt
The special with core V-belt with core polymer polyester steel brown silk the overall solid core rod with a core structure. As a whole due polyester steel brown silk solid core the untwisted structure, good adhesion, flex resistance, high strength, and do not run long, not only greatly improve the life of the rubber belts, but also the life of the belt body balanced, enterprises can maintenance-free, periodic replacement. On November 22 2010, the steel brown silk polyester skeleton material through the identification of the Committee of Experts: brown silk with polyester steel structural skeleton as a transmission belt skeleton material with traditional polyester cord, hard rope, aramid fiber rope material belt life increased by 5-10 times compared to an international advanced level. Special with core belt ordinary belt high load heavy horsepower drive system frequently replaced much of the the world heavy industry companies favor.

V-belt applications FEATURES
1, simple structure, manufacture, install less precision, easy maintenance,for larger occasions in the two axes of the central office

2, smooth transmission, low noise, cushioning shock absorbing effect

3, overload occurs, the drive belt from slipping on the pulleys can be prevented damage to the weak parts, from a security role

1, can not ensure accurate transmission ratio

2, larger exterior dimensions, low transmission efficiency

V-belt reference length
When the V-belt around the pulleys bending, its length and width to maintain a constant level is called the neutral layer. Under the provisions of the tension, the perimeter along the V-belt neutral layer called the baseline length Ld, also known as the nominal length. It is mainly used for the calculation and V-belt mark of the geometric dimensions of the belt drive, its length has been standardized. Further domestic the length of the V-belt, as well as said inner perimeter and outer perimeter.

V-belt part and effect
Ordinary rubber V-belt generally by the cloth covering the assertion of layer (top gum), a strong layer (Tensile layer) and compression layer (primer) and other components,

The role of different parts of the are as follows:

A bag cloth layer, and the cloth covering is beveled 45 ° to plain plastic canvas (mainly cotton canvas and polyester canvas) composition having excellent stretching and friction resistance, as a whole can be connected to various parts, protection of the other portion from abrasion, erosion, and can increase the tinggua the role of the V belt.

Tensor subbing layer, stretching the subbing layer is made of an elastic and having excellent stretching properties of the plastic material, to withstand the tensile stress of V-belt running bent, and strong layer cushion protective effect.

3. Strong layer, strong layer V with the skeleton, the main types of polyester cord, polyester toughened brown silk, Kevlar cord and dipped tire cord fabric, role withstand V-belt during operation produce tensile stress, is part of the main force in the process of the V-belt drive.

Buffer rubber, polyester steel brown Ribbon cores or line rope core of the belt around the strong layer, a layer of the same with a rubber core has good adhesion strength, is the buffer gum, it plays a fixed band the role of the core, and can absorb the stress of the V-belt frequent dynamic shear deformation at high speeds.

Compression layer, the compression layer is to withstand the V-belt operation bending matter compression stress generated by the bending resistance of the plastic material with excellent fatigue properties, maintaining the stiffness and elasticity of the V-belt, and acts to increase the V-belt-sectional and with the pulley surface of the frictional contact, t